Social Change

We're super lucky that our show comes with a social platform.
We have a chance to use our work to change minds, and change communities.

Homeless Period

End homeless period

In each extended performance period of our original show, YUCK links up with a local Women’s Charity.

Using our show as a driver, we collect health items like tampons, pads, toiletries, and clothing.

We’re incredibly privileged to be on stage talking Menstruation; time to use it to make a change!

Social Circus

We want to meet locals, we want to affect towns, and we want to be your mates.

Us at YUCK come from regional, remote, and isolated towns from all corners of Australia and are passionate about sharing our work and strengthening communities.

Our careers have been founded in experiences like these, and it’s our company goal to keep that wheel turning.

Yuck Circus
Beagle Bay Theatre


Director Georgia Deguara works with Theatre Kimberley Outreach programs.

Specialising in performance, she tours to isolated Indigenous communities providing art and the tools of creative expression through circus to those who do not generally have access to it. YUCK has toured to several small towns across the state of WA, partnering with organisations like Fringe World, Theatre Kimberley, and Regional Arts WA.

Through these connections, YUCK has been able to do long-term touring, most recently an 8-week project in Broome. This project has seen the cast work with remote Indigenous communities, and with local Broome kids to develop a large-scale end-of-year performance.

Gotta love a drink

We often seek out local breweries to support our work.

With a donation of a carton or two, we collaborate with the brewery to highlight the message that ‘Girls Drink Too’. Fighting the stereotype of ‘un-ladylike’ drinking habits, we can open conversations and opportunities for inclusion in both industries. In Edinburgh, UK, we partner with Pilot Beer for their Drinkclusion program, to work towards increasing female representation in the career of Brewing.

Yuck Circus
Yuck Circus Audience

Conversation Starter

YUCK is active in providing accessibility for the masses through dedicated artistic development and inclusive dialogues around gender and national identity.

We address these topics with light and entertainment, creating a safe and engaging platform to have some uncomfortable but educated chats.

"You powerful women are incredible performers and provide such a great platform for men to take a much-needed look at themselves. I like to think I'm on the right side of progression, but there's always room to be better and push for the same amongst my friends. Truly, thank you for such an inspiring experience that also kept a smile on my face for its entirety." - Julian, Adelaide