Yuck Circus Standing

What's going on here then?

YUCK is a West Aussie production company keen on championing the female voice across live performance.

Onstage, behind the tech desk, in a creative or managing role; it’s all about giving femme-identifying individuals a hot go to show the world what they’ve got.

YUCK comes from regional, remote, and isolated towns from all corners of Australia and we are passionate about sharing our work and strengthening communities.

Our leading project is self-titled

Yuck Circus

A crew of elite acrobatic gals, ready to flip off double-standards and kick art in the face. We’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues – we’re literally throwing women.

With the success of our original production, we’re stoked to have grown to produce new work.

We’ve now got 4 independent shows chokkas with our brand of larrikin humour and high-flying acrobatics, touring nationally and internationally, picking up dozens of awards, and thrilling thousands from the public along the way.

Multi-award winning

  • Best Circus Weekly Fringe World, Off Chops
  • Best Circus Weekly Fringe World, DEADSET
  • Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award
  • SIGNAL Young Creatives Award, Melbourne Fringe
  • Best Circus Weekly Fringe World, Off Chops
  • Best Circus Weekly Fringe World, DEADSET
  • The West Australian Critics Choice Award Winner Weekly, Fringe World
  • Top-tier Martin Sims Award, Fringe World
  • Overall Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist
  • Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist of the Week
  • Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award
  • Best Circus Weekly, Fringe World
  • Melbourne Fringe Best Circus
  • Melbourne Fringe Best Emerging Circus Performer
  • Sydney Fringe Best Physical Theatre, Dance, and Circus
  • 1st place, Gasworks Circus Showdown
Yuck Circus Standing

It is fierce and wild, sometimes jagged and weird, always unrestrained and powerful, wholly captivating.


I loved it and I wasn’t the only one with the Big Top heaving with laughter and applause throughout the performance.


A genius blend of stupidity, larrikinism, and brashness that pushes limits and challenges feminine stereotypes. Oh, and the acrobatics are amazing!

4th Wall Media

It's just a skilful irreverent romp!

Fringe Feed

After watching YUCK Circus I was ready to draw on a moustache, climb a street pole and do a flip while sculling a beer.

Weekend Notes

Well-rounded & hilarious circus, physical theatre show

Glad Adelaide

Flight of the Conchords meets Cirque du Soleil

The stage UK

One of the best & most inventive things I've seen in a long time

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