"Flight of the Conchords meets Cirque du Soleil"
- The stage UK

Let's get to the grit of it

As a young, fresh, Aussie company we're stoked to have the opportunity to share our story across the globe. We've got 4 successful touring works, rip-roaring and ready to go.

2019 - top-tier Fringe World Martin Sims Award Yuck Circus Woodford Folk Fest

Yuck Circus

YUCK Circus is the self-titled leading project of the company.

A crew of elite acrobatic gals, ready to flip off double-standards and kick art in the face. We’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues – we’re literally throwing women.

Using our bloody good sense of humour, we rip into the uncomfortable using high-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions and groovy dancing.

It’s binging on a jar of Nutella, it’s the thwack of a tampon, and it’s all contemporary Australian poetry.

Get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face.

After watching YUCK Circus I was ready to draw on a moustache, climb a street pole and do a flip while sculling a beer.

Weekend Notes


What do AC/DC and YUCK Circus have in common? An all-Aussie, rock-and-roll, powerhouse show.

Expect larrikin humour, high-flying acrobatics, and a ripper night of Comedy and Circus.

Tradies, Vegemite, and tinnies; this show is an ode to all things Kath and Kim, Bondi Rescue, and the Aussie larrikin identity.

An absolute ripper night out, bringing audiences together to celebrate Australian stories on stage, and have a rock and roll party to boot.

Get your cheeks on a seat, and get ready for a Deadset laugh.

It's just a skilful irreverent romp!

Fringe Feed
Jess Skates
Off Chops 2019 - top-tier Fringe World Martin Sims Award

Off chops

Where am I? Who is she kissing? Why is my spew pink?

From the Makers of multi-award winning YUCK Circus comes a party fit for a pop-up tent.

Expect a wild time reminiscent of the dance floor cardio you never knew you needed, and the 3am stagger home you couldn’t avoid.

Come along for a riot of comedy, high-flying acrobatics and trashy dancing.

Drink plenty of water, it’s gonna get sweaty.

A genius blend of stupidity, larrikinism, and brashness that pushes limits and challenges feminine stereotypes. Oh, and the acrobatics are amazing!

4th Wall Media


Bigger than ever before, these multi-award-winning Barbarian Babes combine their high-flying acrobatics and larrikin humour into a full-throttle night of frenzy.

In a land of chain-link, barbed wire, and far too much leather, hit the bar to fuel up while these high-octane acrobats tear the house down.

Rev up ya pit-bike, grease back ya mullet, and jump on the Boss’ beer tab;
Time to get WREKD.

It is fierce and wild, sometimes jagged and weird, always unrestrained and powerful, wholly captivating.


We've got the goods

Yuck in Pleasure Gardens


A multitude of single, duo, or group roving acts perfect to fill your event with excitement. Roller-skaters, contortionists, hula hoopers, and acrobats – and that’s just the start.


Combined 100+ years of teaching experience under our belts. We can rock out in-person workshops or online, covering circus, dance, performance, mentoring, panels, Q&A’s, and mixers (to name a few!).


You want performance spots?
We’ve got them.

Each cast member of YUCK has their own combo of specialty skills, ready to set onto your stage for your event, festival, or cabaret. Adaptable to size, scale, and setting. We’re your girls.

Want to work together?

YUCK's always keen to be involved with new stuff! Have us in your space, produce your next season, send a team to help you create, or if you've got an act that you think vibes with us: